Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kidney Stones

Argghh! So yesterday I got up to leave for Target when my side started hurting. CRAP! I knew it was another kidney stone. I cried before the pain got severe because I have been through all of this before and it's the worst thing, the worst pain, and I couldn't believe that it was happening again. Kelli and Wade were the only pregnancies that I had them with and now this one. So there I was sitting in my van crying and trying not to move. Any movement or vibrations can send it into full blown, I'm screaming, not crying, and in full panic. I knew I was stuck until it either subsided or I was calling 911. Thankfully, Mason knows when I am crying on the phone, he is to rush home. I am no where near a crier so it's a red flag for him. He came home and I tried to pass the stone on my own instead of going to the ER. I have too many kids with too much school activities to be in a hospital this week. So I drank a 2 liter of coke within 30 minutes and 6 oz of blended raw asparagus. I love coke but hate asparagus. I ended up with two sips of asparagus and denied the rest. BUT after awhile I could feel movement in my ureter and since then I have been sore. So sorry Wendy for missing our meeting last night but I was bed bound. Thanks Heavens thats over..

Monday, February 9, 2009


My family has all been waiting for this-- IT'S A GIRL! We went in and I was so nervous because we wanted to know but then again we didn't. After 20 minutes of the Tech looking and me peeking I decided I wanted to know. At first she said she saw something and for me to let her know for sure before she looked again. I then thought, it's a boy. You can see boy parts pretty good. But I sucked it up and said lets find out and sure enough there wasn't anything. The legs were pretty close together but after 30 minutes it still looked like a girl. We are all excited. Mason had to go to work so I decided I wanted to do something fun for the kids. I went and picked up, It's a Girl, balloons and stood outside Kelli's school holding them. She ran up to me and was so shocked, I prepped her for another boy. She instantly wanted to see the pics for proof. She said it was the best day of her life. Wade came home a bit later and I put the balloons right where you walk in the front door. I told him to see what color they were and he said, "are these Kelli's?" and I told him "No, they are your baby sisters", he ran up the stairs and gave Kelli a big hug and said, "I love you", he loves Kelli and was suprised himself, he melted my heart. Luke came home and same thing, I told him to open the front door and he threw it opened and jumped up and down and said "Yes, I wanted a Girl". He gave me a big hug and had a huge smile.
I feel so much Joy today. We love our kids. We love our boys, they bring much entertainment, noise and a lot of Love to this house. Kelli brings much peace, calmness, and high octave chit chatter. Mason and I have a great life and we are so thrilled to bring in another little girl. Even if this baby was a boy, we would still be way excited. Kelli and I get overruled every weekend on what family activity we want to do, we want to shop or do crafts and the boys always want to go to the park to play baseball. Having another girl will help with the votes. So far boys win all the time. We are trying to even the playing field..

Friday, February 6, 2009

Monday Ultrasound

Our computer still is not working so we still can't post pics. Its a bit depressing. So far my heart problems are stabilized with the beta blocker and so far I feel pretty normal. Good to be back to normal, some what. Monday, I have my ultrasound and we are still not sure if we will find out or not. I hate not to know but since this is our last one, there are many emotions that come along with the last final gender, atleast in this family. Kelli wants a sister, Dad wants another girl, the boys say another boy. I on the other hand would like another girl, I haven't had one for six years. Either way we will be excited. If it's a boy then when dad overnighters come he will get 4 boys and that means Kelli and I will get more free time to play. Look for the post on Monday, we will tell what we do..