Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keepin' Up

Baby Kate is Finally Here! Born June 26th -7lbs 5oz 19 inches..

Kate Virginia Williams

Born a month early- She is a big baby for being a late premature baby

Mom is glad that she is finally here.

After three days, complications, and stress on us- Kate came!

Uncle Garrett, Gabe and Kids!

Kelli is way excited to see her sister! She got to see the birth!
She was so excited the whole time, you'd think she would be grossed out. Kelli loved it!
She had her own camera and will remember it always.

Look at her Hair! None of the other kids had hair- we were shocked at how thick it is.

Grandma and Grandpa Jones came and stayed for a week..

July 5th- Blessing Day- They were all tired from fireworks the night before.

Mom and Dad..

Sisters are special-

Lovin' the Heat on the fourth!