Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dance Recital, Oregon Trip, Graduation!

Well, its almost summer and I am so excited. I liked doing homework with Luke but I was so ready to be done. Hooray for second grade. He gets out of school next Wednesday and then Friday swim lessons start. Our summer has begun!! Kelli is so excited to start Kindergarten, and whoa! So am I. She is ready to go. She graduated from Preschool on Monday and it was so cute!

She Loves Hello Kitty, so of course, she gets the biggest balloon Party City had!

Kelli had her dance recital and she did awesome!

After her recital we were packed and " Ready To Go". We left straight from there and drove 15 hours to Oregon! We had a family reunion there and we rented a beach house in Newport. It was so beautiful! Our kids loved it. We were there for a whole week. We went crabbing, had bonfires on the beach, grandpa told us stories by the fireplace(see photo)went golfing..