Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Photos

At the church

Trunk or Treat
Halloween Night

Life around here is Crazy! The older three kids have been going to bed late, sneaking and eating way too much candy, talking back to us more than usual, and the list goes on. This last week was the worst. Let me just share with you some of the details.
Wade disappeared while I was nursing the baby and I knew he was probably up to no good when 20 minutes went by and I heard not a single sound. A couple hours later I saw where he was, in my closet. My husbands dresser was emptied drawer by drawer and he used the drawers as a step stool to get on top of the dresser. He then pulled down most of our clothes by the racks. My closet is still a bit messy from that. Next, he is always eating candy and when I say put it down, throw it in the trash, is when I am stuck sitting down nursing the baby and can't get up. No matter what I tell him he looks at me and knows that he is the winner in that situation. He just goes outside with his candy. Then, he never will take a nap, I'll try to lay down with him and then the baby will cry so I have to get up and he just follows me out of the room. Who can sleep when they are on a sugar high?
Kelli, this one day was the winner. As I said when I am nursing is when most of this stuff happens. As the good mom that I am, (j/k) I bought Kelli some stamps last christmas. Well, I haven't seen those stamps until recently. I came up stairs to see what she was up to- to see that my wall going upstairs had rows and rows of a purple stamp. It kept going on my laundry door to kelli's bedroom door into the loft and onto the towel closet. I would guess about 500 plus stamp marks. The best thing about this is that the previous owners used flat paint upstairs, so it is not even Mr.Clean eraser washable. AAhh, is all I said. Knowing that we have paint to cover it up and I told her to get a wash cloth and start scrubbing each one. They are mostly faded but not quite. After lunch I noticed the wall in the kitchen had her name written in green crayon and at the bus stop she took a pen and wrote on the upholstery in my van. She is almost five and she never does stuff like this so I knew it's because she needs attention.
Luke- being in first grade comes with a lot of homework and a full day at school. As soon as he is off the bus he starts whining, he is tired and cries about little stuff. There is alot of pressure and responsibility that he has on his shoulders at school and when he is home he wants to relax and he knows that he has homework he has to do and it makes him upset.
So if you are all wondering how its going this is about it. Ohh, this week is going to be even worse, Mason is going to Chicago for work for the whole week. I love my life. If I haven't talked to you in a couple months this is the week to call. Make sure I am still alive. Make sure to read the blog next week, I'm sure it'll top this off.