Monday, January 12, 2009

Heart Problems

Hey Guys! I know that many have been trying to call me and want to know details on what's been going on so here it is. For three weeks now my heart started going bonkers. I went and had three EKG's done and they came back abnormal. So they sent me to the cardiologist and I had an Echocardiogram which indicated that my heart isn't beating normal but not life threatening. Severe enough to put me on a Beta Blocker that will slow down my heart. It beats so fast and stands at 110 which should be in the 60's-80's. That night I started conracting to make all matters worse. Just being at 13 weeks there is nothing they can do for the baby since it won't survive and I can't get my normal medicine to stop the contractions for another couple weeks. The beta blockers gives me severe headaches that last days so I am pretty out of it. If I don't take my meds then I contract and my heart races. I am on a non stress diet. Clearing out all issues that may make my heart race faster than it already is. So girls, I am here but not really. I am tired on having problems when I am pregnant. Thank heavens this is the last! Pinkie Swear!