Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trey's 1st Haircut

Time to Buzz!
Too long!


All Done!
This wasn't even all of it!

Beach Trip- Corona del Mar

WE love the Beach! This time it was just us and some other moms.

Luke ans Wade love to bury themselves..

Kelli and her friends...

Summer Fun 2008

We got tickets to the Hollywood Bowl this year. This picture they were making tiles out of felt. They do crafts and then have a big concert. It's great for the kids to get to know other parts of the world. We made shirts and spray painted them to show that we were from America visting.. There was so many kids with us that looked all the same..

Trey's mouth looks weird but he still looks cute!

Travel Town became our favorite spot to eat after Hollywood Bowl.. The kids love the trains..

Luke and Kelli with their best buds, Brayden and Landon.

Box seats at the Circus!

Wade, Kelli, and Madison!

That's Luke with Ethan and Caleb.. Boys will be boys...

Thanks to Mason for getting us Awesome tickets. Free food, drinks, desserts, couches to sit on and carpet for the babies to crawl on. I invited Wendy and Michelle and they had eight kids between them and then my four. Three moms and twelve kids. We sure needed the box!