Friday, September 28, 2007

Trey is almost here and we are so excited!!

The baby is almost here! We are getting ready. Here are some pictures of the crib start to finish.. The bedding has been through Luke and Wade so its getting old.. I am on bed rest again and its harder than ever! But we have only visited the hospital one time so far. Grandma Jones came for two weeks to help out and get the house ready and organized. We are pretty much set!
I have only gained 12 pounds so far, no hoorays! Its horrible not to gain weight in pregnancy. I am carrying him totally inside- in my back and everything hurts. My boys have been 8 pounds three weeks early. So they will take Trey early so I can at least push him out before he gets to big. I am 35 weeks and dialated, hooray! But still on the contraction medicine, maalox, antacid, and antibiotics for one more week and then they will let me have him if I go into labor on my own. But I do every three days about so no worries on that. We will keep you all posted..