Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday Testimony

Yesterday was a big day for Luke. He walked up the aisle with Mason and bore(sp) his testimony. I was getting teary-eyed because I realized that he is getting older and before I know it- I will be listening to him at his farewell. He did such a great job! He wouldn't tell us what he was going to say.. He said that He was grateful for his mom and dad, brothers and sisters, and his new dog. I was so proud of him. He stared at me the whole time making sure I was watching.
This holiday season we are truly blessed with so much. We also got a new Golden Retriever, named Duke. He is a good dog and the kids love him. It's a dream come true for us to have this much. Have a Happy Holidays.. We love you all..

Many blessings....

Well, it's true, we are pregnant again. Although we have always talked about having a fifth, I never thought it would really happen. To have any kids is a big blessing so even if it's number five or ten we will always be happy.
Mason stayed home with me the morning that I saw the plus sign 'cause I was crying. Which makes me sad that I did but I just saw how busy my life is and being prego and being sick wasn't something that I knew would work. So far it's working but barely sometimes. Mason kept saying that he was excited and it would be fine. I was crying for selfish reasons because I play indoor soccer and I loved it. I didn't want to give that up. Obviously, the Lord had other plans for me. I played my last game the next day which was a tournament and I said my goodbyes for another 12 months. I will be back.
Due date is July 18th. Delivery will be 1st week in July..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

5 Kids and a Dog

Surprise! We are pregnant with number 5!