Friday, March 27, 2009

Cousins came for a visit!

Jessica and Mike got to come and see us for the day on Monday. They are on their way to move to Georgia for awhile and it was good that the kids got to see each other. Kloe and Kadee are growing up so fast. Although I didn't get much pictures of Kadee, I got the two youngest cousins giving lots of love for each other! NOT..

Wade Turns Four!

Where did Time Go?
February 22nd, Wade Nicholas Turned Four!
This boy is the funniest little thing. When Wade turned one he decided that he didn't want to talk and sleep anymore. It has been a struggle for Mason and I to get these issues under control. We finally feel like he is starting to become normal. But whats really normal anyways? He loves his early intervention preschool. He has learned so much and when I say so much I really mean it. They have turned a kid that couldn't say 20 words into a a kid that is right where he should be at four and in one year. Frost Preschool Program is awesome. They even potty trained him.
When I said that Wade is funny, it's true! Although, there has been struggles with him, I'd never would want to go back. When you have a kid that has problems they really teach you life lessons. You really learn what it is to be a mom and a dad. What your purpose of life is here and really what is means to be a advocate for your child. He has brought Mason and I on a deeper level in our marriage and we truly see that he was brought here by our Father in Heaven to us and to this family for a purpose. He is a special kid and We love him very much!
Yesterday, for instance, he was being cranky and I flicked him in the back of the head and said "start being nice or you are going to your room". He turned around and said, " Don't hit me like that mom!" He has never ever said anything like that before or couldn't get all the words out fast enough to say that so usually he screams because he can't verbally express himself fast enough. As he was looking at me, I grabbed him and started laughing because he was so serious and I was just so happy that we have hit another milestone. It was a pure joyful moment, I told him I was sorry and that I was proud of him for saying all those words. He is the funniest little four year old we know!

He wanted Spiderman this year!

Spankin' Time!

He loves his new fishing pole, he is a great Blue Gill catcher at havasu. This is his second pole, he is really hard on his toys. A new water gun to shoot Luke, he says.
Loves his cake! Beware black frosting stains.
He scored with gifts this year!
Mom Loves you!

Kelli turns Six!

Where O where has my little one gone?
Kelli is now officially six. March 21st came and went so fast. She is such a joy to have in our family. She is turning into her own these days and figuring out how to get away with things and how to tell sneaky little lies. Pretty much sums up how I was when I was young. She is the best shopping partner ever! Anytime day or night I need to go the store she is right there with me. I love you Kelli!

Kelli was "Star of the Week" the week of open house and her Birthday. Each kid gets to decorate a poster of themselves and share it with the class. This is hers, just say I loved making it!

She was into Little Pet Shops this year, can you tell?

Family tradition to get lunch at Red Robin.

What was her favorite presesnt of all? A Pink DS from Grandma and Grandpa Williams and a bunch of games.

Her Littlest Pet Shop Cake!

We Love you Kelli!

Just the Two of Us! (For now)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kelli started Cheerleading

Kelli came home from school a couple weeks ago and begged me to put her in cheerleading. At first I told her that I was too busy with Luke doing baseball, and I'm team mom, Wade, starting soccer, and that she already does tap. She used the "all the girls in my class are signing up", sentence on me, so I gave in. Come to find out at signups that she was the only one in her class that signed up, go figures. I told her that no one else signed up and she said, "It's okay, mom, I can meet new friends". She is just like me, people don't scare her. Here is Kelli at one of her practices. Her competetion in April 4th. We can't wait!

Learning routine..