Saturday, May 3, 2008

Catching Up.............................

Catching up!
Hello Everyone! We are alive and well. Life has gone by so fast. My last post was in January and I know I need to blog lots more of what is going on here but as you can see my site is not set up right and all of your blog pages are so cute and mine is not so- so can someone help me and tell me how to fix it. Tell me how to make it cute.

Well, I love my friends I just have to say. They have been getting me through some tough situations. I have a three year old that is like a two year old. He is so challenging for me. Everyday I am cleaning up HUGE messes. He is speech delay and may have some loose screws as well. We are getting him checked out through our school district for other issues.

I just have no drive to write about my days when I don't really enjoy them half the time. Sounds bad, I know. But the first year after all my babies my brain goes in psycho mode. I happily take Zoloft. Not afraid to say. It keeps me from snapping at my family. My brain instantly wants to yell when little things happen. So I don't take it because I am depressed, I take it because of the rage that builds up inside me. It ususally lingers off around a year of being on it. It's my happy pills. It does make me less excited about things and my sisters are always like, "are you okay?" They know that spunky Chrissy is in there somewhere and needs to come out. Anyhow.......................................

Now that I have spilled the beans on myself I want to on the rest of my family as well. Wade the terror, the pitbull, the alien, the biter and the list goes on. He yesterday made the biggest mess of his life, knock on wood, I leave Kelli, Wade and Trey home while I run to the bus stop most days, its a block from my house and they know how to walk there if they wanted, and this time when I returned I saw wade and it looked like he had marker all over his body I asked him to show me where it was. He led me into the garage, HOLY CRAP!

This is what I saw. HECK NO! He doesn't know its bad to make messes. We think. He does things like this a couple times a week. If you can see in the picture, its snow cone syrup. Tigers Blood is the flavor. It didn't just spill, it was splattered all over, and within minutes. I opened the garage and told Kelli to go get our Neighbor, Brooke- she is a member and one of my greatest friends, and I just needed help on how to tackle this problem. In the meantime, while I am waiting for her to come over, Wade snuck upstairs to get in the bath because I heard water running, I ran up there and grabbed him from the tub, naked, and put him in front of a pot of water and a sponge. He was ticked and sticky he kept saying. He was naked but I could have cared less at this point. Brooke said she was going to find my camera and not to beat Wade in the meantime while she was gone. He sat on the ground and sure enough his stomach was stuck to his legs and his privates. It was funny but he was screaming because it really wasn't unsticking at all. I really let him just cry I was so mad. I had to take everything out of the garage and mop the whole floor while brooke and her husband helped spray down everything I was bringing out. I so owe them dinner..

So I am going to back up to last week. Luke was out of school for a couple days because a normal routine at the dentist office went bad. He went in to get a normal cavity filled and we instantly found out he was allergic to the Epeniphren in the numbing medicine they hav ein the shots. His mouth was swelling as he is injecting it. The dentist stopped and freaked out, he said, " I have only heard of cases in med school but never seen someone have a reaction to this". He referred me to a pediodontist right away. We went down there and he prescribed a antibiotic and said call him when the swelling went down so they could do a baby root canal on it. Well that night we ended up in the ER of him screaming in pain. They gave him Morphine and sent us home. I called the dentist and told him and what the ER did and made us go back to get more antibiotics because the swelling was so bad. The term is called, Facial Cellulitis. Very painful. He had two IV's and tons more morphine to get through the weekend. Monday came and he had surgery
get the tooth pulled because it was absessed. Poor kid.

They had to give him medicine that mad him drowsy that is why he is on Mason's lap looking droggy. He was in so much pain on the way home (he said that was the worst day of his life)he was screaming and just ticked off...


Kadee and my sister, Jessica, came to visit for a couple of days...

PIzza Party at The Dows..

New News! We have been building a house and the date is set for August. Its the perfect house for us. Five bedrooms, six bathrooms, four car garage, and its in a cauldesac right by the mountains.. Its 4, 240 sq ft..

Family PARTY!!


Wade fell out of the car and hit the curb while we were packing up coming home from the family party...