Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Luke is getting Baptized!!!

Luke is getting baptized! I can't believe that its here. I get so emotional thinking that this is the first major step in his life. Next, its going on a mission and then getting married. Mason and I are so glad that he is taking this step and he is so ready. He tells us that he is going to be Holy on Saturday. He is so funny. Kelli came to us and asked if she could sing, I am a Child of God at his baptism by herself. So she is and then Aunt Sara and Kelli are going to sing, When I am Baptized.. We can't wait!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Kate

Birth Announcement

I love this One!

So innocent looking
Just fell asleep
How precious!

Look at her cleavage!
Her eyes look Awesome!
Love the ring.
-Katers is what we call her, has been such a great addition to this family. Her smile and her mass amount of hair is out of this world. Everyone stops us no matter where we are because they want to make a comment on her hair. It is very thick and a honey color..It drives me crazy 'cause there is so much of it. I could put it in a pony tail the first day she was born. The kids love her and they are so helpful.
Kelli is in 1st grade and loves to help me. I'll give her a bath and she will put the lotion on her, get her dressed and bring her to me when its time for her to eat. She is good enough to carry her around the house.. Luke is great with Trey. They have become better buddies. Luke will put Trey down for a nap without my help. He will make him a bottle, read him a story and tuck him in. Wade has been the loving one that helps Kate out when she is crying by getting her binky or coming and telling me she needs to eat. Ohh, and the dog, Duke loves licking her poor face.
We are all getting along pretty well. School has been in for three weeks now and the homework is tough for me. Luke is 3 pages a night that is due the next day, good old 3rd grade, so its a challenge for me to get him to do it right away. Kelli has a packet that is due on fridays so I can be more relaxed with her. All in all, I never thought I would have five kids at 30years old with a dog. But I love my life and the chaos that it brings. Mason and I have a very busy but balanced week. Monday it's FHE, family night. Tuesdays are Masons softball nights, Wednesdays are his basketball night, Thursdays are Girls night out for me, Fridays its night out with friends and Saturdays are the same. Sundays are church and then right back where we started. We love how it goes and everyone gets "their time". Mason and I been married 9 1/2 years and it is only getting better. It's nice to know I done being pregnant and closing that chapter, we are excited and ready to focus on watching them grow up.. This is our life........

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keepin' Up

Baby Kate is Finally Here! Born June 26th -7lbs 5oz 19 inches..

Kate Virginia Williams

Born a month early- She is a big baby for being a late premature baby

Mom is glad that she is finally here.

After three days, complications, and stress on us- Kate came!

Uncle Garrett, Gabe and Kids!

Kelli is way excited to see her sister! She got to see the birth!
She was so excited the whole time, you'd think she would be grossed out. Kelli loved it!
She had her own camera and will remember it always.

Look at her Hair! None of the other kids had hair- we were shocked at how thick it is.

Grandma and Grandpa Jones came and stayed for a week..

July 5th- Blessing Day- They were all tired from fireworks the night before.

Mom and Dad..

Sisters are special-

Lovin' the Heat on the fourth!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cheerleading Competition!

Getting ready! She loves her jacket.

I made a sign for us to hold up!

This sign was Luke's and Wade's to hold!

Everyone arriving. Kelli is in the second row on the right. Second from the last.

Us with Timmy the Tiger!

Dad just gave Kelli a Ubi Petz doll that is a cheerleader right after she competed..
So Cute!

She is listening to all the thousands of parents that are cheering with bull horns, air horns, cow bells, and whatever you can think of. It was scary at first she said.

This is most of the teams that were on the floor.

Kelli with Coach Michelle.

This is the Team Cheer! She is the last one on the right, 1st row.

This is the Team Dance! She is the last one in the 2nd row on the right..

Her dance team did so good. North Fontana, us, won the Parents spirit award for being the loudest and the best signs and were dressed up all in blue. All the girls got trophies. Mason and the boys loved supporting Kelli. It was way different than baseball. Luke said it's just like cheerleading they have on t.v. It started at 1:30pm and got over after 5:00pm. It was long but awesome. It was at Cal State San Bernardino and there were teams all the way down from Long Beach. About 600 girls were there. It was lots bigger than we thought. Love you Kelli!

Dad's Way!

Friday I started having contractions and they lasted all day. I never got the chance to sit down and relax so I didn't want to go to the hospital until I could relax my uterus and give it a break. Luke had a basball game at 5:30 and I promised my friends who I was with all day that if after the game I still was in pain I'd go in. Well, sure enough right after we came home from the game, I drove myself. I hate my irritable uterus. I had another Uti because my urine is always bloody, gross, I know. The blood is also from kidney stones they found in my kidneys. The biggest one they found is 1.8ct. Huge! But the big ones sometimes actually stay high and hang out until after delivery. I then just have lithotripsy which blasts them into hundreds of pieces. But needless to say I was in the hospital staying overnight with stones, low potassium, and contractions. It was a long night. They gave me morphine because my back hurt so bad. We weren't ready for me having to stay overnight but Mason was a trooper and took care of everything.
The next morning he took work off, well did some at home, and got all the kids off to school on the bus. After Wade left at 10:30am he and Trey got to come see me for a couple hours. I got to come home that night which was about 7:30pm and all day I kept calling making sure that the kids were doing there homework. Since it was the last night to do it. Although, I am the drill sergent in that area I came home assured that he was getting Luke's homework done with him. This is what I saw.. Hilarious! Total Mason style.
This desk was just givin' to us and it was in our front patio. He brought it in from outside and he sat down, made Luke stand up and they were able to do two things at once. Play playstation 3 and help with homework. I came in seeing this I had to just laugh!
Dad's are the best.