Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Kate

Birth Announcement

I love this One!

So innocent looking
Just fell asleep
How precious!

Look at her cleavage!
Her eyes look Awesome!
Love the ring.
-Katers is what we call her, has been such a great addition to this family. Her smile and her mass amount of hair is out of this world. Everyone stops us no matter where we are because they want to make a comment on her hair. It is very thick and a honey color..It drives me crazy 'cause there is so much of it. I could put it in a pony tail the first day she was born. The kids love her and they are so helpful.
Kelli is in 1st grade and loves to help me. I'll give her a bath and she will put the lotion on her, get her dressed and bring her to me when its time for her to eat. She is good enough to carry her around the house.. Luke is great with Trey. They have become better buddies. Luke will put Trey down for a nap without my help. He will make him a bottle, read him a story and tuck him in. Wade has been the loving one that helps Kate out when she is crying by getting her binky or coming and telling me she needs to eat. Ohh, and the dog, Duke loves licking her poor face.
We are all getting along pretty well. School has been in for three weeks now and the homework is tough for me. Luke is 3 pages a night that is due the next day, good old 3rd grade, so its a challenge for me to get him to do it right away. Kelli has a packet that is due on fridays so I can be more relaxed with her. All in all, I never thought I would have five kids at 30years old with a dog. But I love my life and the chaos that it brings. Mason and I have a very busy but balanced week. Monday it's FHE, family night. Tuesdays are Masons softball nights, Wednesdays are his basketball night, Thursdays are Girls night out for me, Fridays its night out with friends and Saturdays are the same. Sundays are church and then right back where we started. We love how it goes and everyone gets "their time". Mason and I been married 9 1/2 years and it is only getting better. It's nice to know I done being pregnant and closing that chapter, we are excited and ready to focus on watching them grow up.. This is our life........