Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dad's Way!

Friday I started having contractions and they lasted all day. I never got the chance to sit down and relax so I didn't want to go to the hospital until I could relax my uterus and give it a break. Luke had a basball game at 5:30 and I promised my friends who I was with all day that if after the game I still was in pain I'd go in. Well, sure enough right after we came home from the game, I drove myself. I hate my irritable uterus. I had another Uti because my urine is always bloody, gross, I know. The blood is also from kidney stones they found in my kidneys. The biggest one they found is 1.8ct. Huge! But the big ones sometimes actually stay high and hang out until after delivery. I then just have lithotripsy which blasts them into hundreds of pieces. But needless to say I was in the hospital staying overnight with stones, low potassium, and contractions. It was a long night. They gave me morphine because my back hurt so bad. We weren't ready for me having to stay overnight but Mason was a trooper and took care of everything.
The next morning he took work off, well did some at home, and got all the kids off to school on the bus. After Wade left at 10:30am he and Trey got to come see me for a couple hours. I got to come home that night which was about 7:30pm and all day I kept calling making sure that the kids were doing there homework. Since it was the last night to do it. Although, I am the drill sergent in that area I came home assured that he was getting Luke's homework done with him. This is what I saw.. Hilarious! Total Mason style.
This desk was just givin' to us and it was in our front patio. He brought it in from outside and he sat down, made Luke stand up and they were able to do two things at once. Play playstation 3 and help with homework. I came in seeing this I had to just laugh!
Dad's are the best.

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