Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cheerleading Competition!

Getting ready! She loves her jacket.

I made a sign for us to hold up!

This sign was Luke's and Wade's to hold!

Everyone arriving. Kelli is in the second row on the right. Second from the last.

Us with Timmy the Tiger!

Dad just gave Kelli a Ubi Petz doll that is a cheerleader right after she competed..
So Cute!

She is listening to all the thousands of parents that are cheering with bull horns, air horns, cow bells, and whatever you can think of. It was scary at first she said.

This is most of the teams that were on the floor.

Kelli with Coach Michelle.

This is the Team Cheer! She is the last one on the right, 1st row.

This is the Team Dance! She is the last one in the 2nd row on the right..

Her dance team did so good. North Fontana, us, won the Parents spirit award for being the loudest and the best signs and were dressed up all in blue. All the girls got trophies. Mason and the boys loved supporting Kelli. It was way different than baseball. Luke said it's just like cheerleading they have on t.v. It started at 1:30pm and got over after 5:00pm. It was long but awesome. It was at Cal State San Bernardino and there were teams all the way down from Long Beach. About 600 girls were there. It was lots bigger than we thought. Love you Kelli!


DeCaires Family said...

So cute! My daughter was watching her video and said, "I want to do that when I am older."

The Monson Crew said...

That is the cutest thing ever! I tried to get Raegan into cheer and she just wouldn't go for it! I will have to show her the video and maybe it will change her mind.

Colleen said...

OK - that was one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Way to go Kelli!